In Progress

Our Affordable Traditional Net Zero Haven

Part 1: So we’re just going to start from the beginning, the very beginning.

In the beginning God created the Heaven’s and Earth… and then God said “Let there be light” and there was light. God saw that the light was good…

Okay, so maybe we don’t need to start quite that far back, but still, light would be what started this project and many others like it, which we will delve deeper into in the next part of this series.

Sean and his family had been living in their custom home that Sean had designed out on acreage in Ferndale. Well, since building their home in 2008 their needs had changed significantly. They were now looking at selling their home with the goals of building their new home closer to school and work, reducing their mortgage, and designing and living in a Net Zero home. This would significantly reduce their travel and monthly expenses and allow their money to go toward other goals. As part of their mortgage reduction goal they had decided to fit their new Net Zero home into a $300k construction budget with an additional cost of approximately 35k for the solar panel system. And they did it!!!! In the end Sean and his wife Jaimi purchased a reasonably sized and priced lot in NE Lynden that is much closer to their children’s school, a more reasonable commute for Jaimi to work, and closer to their extended family, but unfortunately a little more of a commute for Sean, but hey, not everyone can just walk through their yard to their office! And! Although the overall size of their home is reduced, it’s still a very well planned use of 1,948 sq/ft, and Sean, being the space planning genius he is, was able to fit an additional 588 sq/ft 1 bdrm. apartment (ADU) above their garage in what would have otherwise been lost space. Now this space, once rented out, will be used to reduce their monthly mortgage expenses by nearly 50% and more over time instead of just being attic space! 

It can be hard for some to imagine when looking at a raw piece of land the immense amount of changes that will be going on there and before you know it a whole new house is constructed, but for Sean, Jaimi, and their 2 kids, when they found their spot they were able to each stand on a corner and imagine this as their new Haven. The ground was broke this last week for their foundation, which was so satisfying to see as they had, had the pleasure of being able to stake out their home site themselves and really have that “moment” with their family when you stand back and get to truly build that excitement as you take that last look before the plunge!

Home site all staked out and ready to go!


Freshly dug foundation!


Looking Forward:

Part 2: What is means to be Net Zero and how this will be achieved in the Hegstad Haven