Design and Documentation

Integrated Design at Haven means that all aspects of the project originate from one 3D model, ensuring that the project is represented and reproduced in exacting detail. As an important tool for understanding spatial relations, orientation, materials, and aesthetics, 3D modeling and rendering enables a thorough visual and spatial understanding of the project before it is built, allowing for more effective and personalized design

With a diverse portfolio and knowledge in residential, commercial, community and mixed use design and construction, Haven offers personalized, efficient design services to maximize use and spatial relation for any project.  Serving as a mentor and listener, we work to integrate every detail of your project into thoughtful, effective, elegant design to create healthy, beautiful environmentally conscious space.

Consultation and Feasibility

Haven offers a wide range of services in construction/design consultation and feasibility.  Able to offer informative, experienced input on a wide host of issues ranging from site features, local and regional regulation, building codes, cost, project goals and many others, Haven's objective is to produce effective and timely information to help inform your decision making process.



Understanding the legal framework surrounding your site is crucial to getting the most from your project. With strong, established working relations and understanding with local and regional regulatory jurisdictions and permitting bodies, Haven is very well suited to understanding your project and the steps needed to receive permit approval. Working with regulators, we will ensure that you understand and address all legal and regulatory issues and in turn receive timely, effective guidance in regulatory design and permitting.

Construction Observation

Haven is available for continued involvement beyond final permitting - there will always be questions and Haven makes it a priority to answer them in a timely and detailed manner.  This may involve a simple phone conversation with the contractor or perhaps scheduled site visits to observe construction progress and address any issues which may arise on site. Haven has excellent working relations with many local contractors and builders and strives to always arrive at a solution in a timely and efficient manner.