We can provide a 3D model showing every step of construction including foundation, floor framing, wall framing, and roof framing - right down to every beam, header, and truss. 

3d modeling not only provides for stunning visuals and space simulation, but also directly translates to the construction drawing package- meaning all parts of the building are accounted for, resulting in a more efficient and economical construction process.

The world is not flat: Our 3D process helps your ideas come to life and is part of the standard process at Haven Design, allowing you the ability to wholly envision your project well before construction begins. Each Project begins on paper with sketches and initial space planning and programming forming the basis of a project narrative.  From there, the project is integrated into the computer where full 3D visualization takes place. The construction drawings are ultimately taken from this 3D model, ensuring that all of your ideas and details are integrated into the final drawing package.

Aspirations bring life to living. At Haven Design Workshop, we aspire to connect our expertise with yours to create Living and Working spaces that exceed your expectations. We aspire to integrate sustainability, community, collaborative design, and your budget into every project. 


Good design requires more than aesthetic and structural decisions; it requires close collaboration with many different participants. At Haven Design Workshop, we approach each project with a cooperative mindset. Working closely with our client, their builder, land-use specialists, engineers, and permitting agencies, we go out of our way to make sure your project is designed with your vision and budget clearly in mind. Our goal is to make the entire process, from permitting to construction, go as smoothly as possible.

The workshop environment at Haven allows for an exciting mix of ideas. Openness to one another’s needs, vision, and expertise makes each client, builder, and consultant a successful part of your design team.


At Haven we encourage Sustainable Design Through:


At Haven we want your project to have a positive and lasting impact on the inhabitants and those just walking by.

Our residential designs combine the privacy you desire with the interaction we all need. We consider nearby homes, site location, public and private interaction, and the local building vernacular to create a home that is uniquely yours.

In multi-family projects we recognize the importance of private and personal space, but also encourage the interaction of the residents by creating integrated tenant spaces. Our housing projects consider building scale, density, access, and interaction with the community at large.

Commercial projects must consider all this and more. We help integrate your business within the community. Before we design, we look at public perception, client and employee access, the interaction with nearby buildings, and the public space the buildings create.


When you choose Haven, you are choosing an advocate who:

  • Designs with your budget in mind
  • Smooths out the permitting process
  • Understands construction
  • Helps you select the right contractor for the job