House in the Woods

The clients for this home desired a home nestled in the woods on their property they had purchased nearly ten years prior.  The land however, was encumbered by a number of site constraints such as the need for a new access road, steep slopes, and numerous wetlands. Haven worked closely with the builder for the project- Cascade Joinery - and many other civic and professional entities to arrive at a feasible site plan that would deliver the home the clients desired as well as address the challenges with the site and ensuing code compliance issues with the city.  Although the process was time consuming and difficult, the resulting site and home will be one of a kind, situated among the many large trees the clients had fallen in love with. 


-All photos above credited to Judd and Rebecca Greenwood of Greenwoods Photographic Arts


On a cold and rainy day last week Haven visited the home to see the progress first hand. While the rain somewhat diminished the opportunity to get many exterior photos, the interior was well underway since time of last check-in. The hearth for the fireplace was the highlight of construction and the kitchen cabinets were also being installed, hinting at the final character of the finished space.  We are excited to see the finished product!